Flux Theatre Ensemble
August (Gus) Schulenberg is the main writer for this blog on behalf of Flux Theatre Ensemble, a small company based in New York. Gus writes thoughtfully about a number of theater-related issues including some good arts policy stuff here and there. You can read his recent post about Arlene Goldbard’s talk at the NET Summit here.

Nonprofit Law Blog

“Wouldn’t it be awesome if there were a blog about the intersection between the nonprofit sector and the law?” I can only imagine you have asked yourself this question countless times before reading this post. Enter Gene Takagi’s Nonprofit Law Blog, at which you’ll find helpful legal information you won’t get anywhere else (well, except maybe below). Takagi and contributor Emily Chan have been especially helfpul in staying on top of the L3C saga as the hybrid legal form makes its journey through various state legislatures and the IRS.

Nonprofit Law Prof Blog
Not to be confused with the Nonprofit Law Blog, above, the Nonprofit Law Prof Blog is part of something called the Law Professors Blog Network. Whereas Gene Takagi is a practicing California attorney, the Nonprofit Law Prof Blog is written by a team of academics, several of whom hold adminstrative positions at their respective law schools. NLPB tends to focus more on news than analysis, and closely follows court decisions that have implications for the nonprofit world.

The Mission Paradox Blog
I’ve admired Adam Thurman’s posts at the Americans for the Arts blog for a while now. Turns out Adam has had his own blog at Mission Paradox all this time. The self-proclaimed “Best Arts Marketing Resource in the World” (you gonna take that sitting down, smArts&Culture?) offers intelligent commentary with a Seth-Godin-esque calm assurance.