I recently switched from Thunderbird to Google Reader to view my RSS feeds, and am glad I did. I’m starting to think that blog-following is kind of like exercise – you sort of have to work yourself into shape. Luckily, my reading times are improving, because there are still a lot more great sites out there to track.

Arts Counselling
This is the blog of Mark Robinson, Executive Director (North East) of Arts Council England. Robinson is a poet and vegetarian chef in addition to his arts management role, and writes the blog in part “to show that people who work for the Arts Council, even Exec Directors, are not faceless, robotic bureaucrats.” As I start to learn more about non-U.S. approaches to arts policy, it’s great to be able to draw upon this perspective from across the pond.


I met Erin Gore at the AFTA Convention last month at the Emerging Leader peer group session. Her blog takes its name from the excellent cultural calendar resource based in the South Bay of the San Francisco metropolitan region (and a bunch of other cities as well), which has a blog of its own here. For her part, Erin recently graduated with an arts administration graduate degree from the University of Oregon and is generously sharing some of her work from her program and internship on the blog.

Do The Math
Well, this bandwagon took me a while to get on, but Ethan Iverson’s extended reflections at Do The Math are well worth the investment. Iverson is the pianist for jazz supergroup The Bad Plus and used to be music director for Mark Morris to boot. I also have Do The Math to thank for sending me a ginormous stream of new readers that still hasn’t completely let up when Ethan linked to my Arts and Sustainability post a couple of weeks ago. Thanks buddy!

Technology in the Arts blog
Technology in the Arts is a service of the Center for Arts Management and Technology at Carnegie Mellon University. I previously noted TiA’s excellent podcast, but somehow in the excitement didn’t realize that they have a blog as well. Well, they do, and it covers pretty much what you’d expect from the title, though Corwin Christie’s commentary ranges far beyond technology at times, exploring broader implications for arts management and strategy.

  • Miguel

    I recently came across your blog. This is a great list of blogs I wasn't yet familiar with.

    If you are still experimenting with RSS readers, I suggest you try FeedDemon from Newsgator. I love it. It is a desktop application versus a web-based reader.


  • masterfiddle

    Thanks Ian! I also need to find a better blog reading system. Good luck!