And now for the final part of my series examining some related sites you may wish to check out. These are all blogs that I added to the list last fall, bringing the “Blogroll Revealed” feature up to date with all of the sites that currently enjoy a spot there. (I’ve since discovered like 20 other blogs, but my plan is to introduce each one with a writeup like this at the time that I add it, so you’ll see this happen gradually over the next couple of months.)

The Acumen Fund Blog
The Acumen Fund is good people. I added this one after Rob Katz visited my school and gave a really great presentation about the organization. The blog itself is a mix of profiles of Acumen Fund investment recipients/fellows and broader thought pieces from the likes of Sasha Dichter and Jacqueline Novogratz.

david toub
“David’s waste of bandwidth,” as he calls it, has been around for a while, covering topics as varied as music, Apple technology, medical trends, and politics. I know David from my Sequenza21 days, where he was and remains a frequent commenter.

Full of IT
So, I found this blog because I noticed it had linked to mine, and realized that the culprit was likely Morgan Lindsey Tachco, whose name I had first encountered on Sarah McLellan’s now-dormant Resources for Emerging Arts Leaders blog. Full of IT appears to have some relationship to the Innovative Theater (IT) Awards Foundation, as Morgan is their Community Relations Manager, although confusingly there is another IT Awards blog on Myspace that seems to have different but concurrent content. Despite its organization-specific focus, Full of IT has some good stuff about local advocacy and off-off-Broadway theaters which is worth reading.

Nico Muhly
Nico is a wünderkind composer who has worked with Björk, Philip Glass, and other big names in the classical and not-so-classical fields. But that’s not why you should read his blog—you should read it because it’s some of the most entertaining damn stuff on the web. Nico’s writing style is ebullient and effusive, with lots of intentionally creative spellings and linguistic gymnastics like Icelandicizing various words. He also makes good use of media as he documents his many travels and performances.

Young writer/director Isaac Butler served on the Obama Arts Policy Committee during the 2008 campaign, and now I see his blog quoted everywhere. Isaac somehow finds time to write intelligently about pretty much everything, ranging from arts policy commentary to theater reviews to electoral politics to “Battlestar blogging” to an online book club for David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest and much more. Seriously, sometimes he knocks out like five posts in an hour—I’m lucky if I do two a week.

Philanthropy 2173
Lucy Bernholz is the founder of Blueprint Research & Design, a very well respected consultant to foundations and donors, and a former board member of GiveWell which has received some virtual ink in the past here. Lucy was apparently one of the first philanthropy bloggers out there, and her main interests have to do with the concept of philanthropy as a field and the building of information markets for donors and social investors. She’s also a huge Twitter cheerleader and is pretty much the reason why I joined.

This is the official blog of the Foundation Center, which is one of the most important information resources in the philanthropy community. Mitch Nauffts and Regina Mahone hold down the fort here, but PhilanTopic also features guest commentary from people in the field and other recurring features like Quote of the Day and Weekend Link Roundup.

Ted Hearne
My buddy Ted Hearne, composer, has a blog called “Teddy Boy.” His posts tend to be either tiny twitteresque hits (many related in some way to his awesome music) or long, cogent essays. I’m listening at the moment to an absolutely sick performance by his bandsemble Your Bad Self courtesy of the blog. I recommend you do the same.

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    Did this already publish? Oh well.

    Oh, my blog. I miss my blog. I’m on staff at TCG (which I love, of course), and started to get a little nervous about non-competition policies, etc. But now I’m on Twitter, and I can cause all the trouble I want! Thumbs-up for shouting out my buddy Morgan; she is a shining star of the Big Theatre Thinkers.