I promised a month ago that I would share more cool links as I found them from my work-related research on cultural studies and online tools. Here’s a selection for you:

  • HealthyCity. What Mapping Westchester County did for the tony suburbs of New York, HealthyCity does for Los Angeles. Click on “Advanced Mapping” to see a dizzying array of city services plotted against a demographic indicator (or even two) of your choice.
  • Demand Analysis for New Small-Scale Cultural Facilities in San José (pdf). Okay, now we’re getting into some serious policy wonk territory, but this report contains some really impressive work by facilities consultant Duncan Webb, with plenty of fascinating maps and graphs for illustration. The end of the report contains some interesting information about facilities development projects elsewhere in North America.
  • San Francisco Solar Map. See who in SF has solar power, and find out how much you could save a year by switching!
  • CultureCount. I should have linked to this one before, but it somehow escaped my notice. New England Foundation for the Arts’s CultureCount is a really impressive database of nonprofit cultural organizations, state and national funding, and demographic and real estate data. You can analyze the economic impact of any organization either real or hypothetical as well.
  • Sperling’s BestPlaces. Oh, man. You could spend hours on this thing (or at least, I could). Try the “City Compare” feature for a good time.
  • Ann

    Hi Ian,

    CultureCount came out of NEFA’s Creative Economy research. The latest document can be found at: http://www.nefa.org/pubs/documents/CEReport2007_000.pdf.

    Also, NEFA has developed an artist marketing site, MatchBook.org. We hope all artists and arts/culture advocates are finding their way onto these free resources.


    Ann D.
    CC/MM Administrator