Another smorgasbord for today:

  • My classes for this term are as follows: the core Integrated Leadership Perspective, SOM’s flagship class that takes all of the previous perspectives and jumbles them up into a potent stew; Strategic Management of Nonprofit Organizations, continuing on from earlier in the semester; Managing Organizational Politics, an extremely popular elective focusing on political theory applied to management; and Media Economics and Financing Journalism, a small class asking how news organizations can continue to produce quality journalism in a changing economic climate. Both ILP and Nonprofit Organizations are taught by Sharon Oster, who is quickly becoming one of my favorite teachers at SOM. Anyone willing to call one of her fellow professors “Nicky B” in front of a class of 65 (in his presence, no less) is fine by me.
  • I’m presenting on Economic Development and the Arts this Wednesday at noon. I’m focusing on the ability of the arts to create environments where young, educated people want to live. Did you know that the top five destinations for SOM grads the past five years are New York, DC, Boston, San Francisco, and London? New Haven is #6.
  • Anyone else going to the National Performing Arts Convention in June?